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We offer dental treatment in twilight sleep or under general anesthesia in our ultra-modern dental practice in Munich. A painless treatment is in the interest of all patients and can also alleviate the fear of the dentist. We work together with the joint practice for anaesthesia and all types of anaesthesia can be performed in our dental practice at the Olympic Park. The person is in the foreground of the treatment and not just the tooth itself.

Dental treatment with general anaesthesia in Munich – what can I expect as a patient?

A dental treatment with general anaesthesia in Munich, as we offer it in our dental practice, is safe and is carried out under the highest safety standards. The deep state of sleep that prevails during general anaesthesia is achieved through the targeted administration of certain medications. Before the dental treatment, the anaesthesia is planned and the procedure discussed in detail. During the dental treatment with general anesthesia, your values are constantly monitored. Dental treatment with general anaesthesia is a painless and stress-free option and is particularly suitable for patients in Munich with a pronounced dental anxiety.

Dentist with general anesthesia – simply overslept the treatment

A modern, innovative range of treatments awaits you in our practice. Together with you, we work out the appropriate strategy, including the corresponding planning, for your denture system. This also includes the appropriate anaesthesia, so that the treatment can be painless and relaxed for you. A decisive advantage of a dental treatment with general anesthesia in Munich is that the anesthetics work in the vegetative nervous system. In this way, such undesirable side effects of dental treatment, such as vomiting or gag reflexes, can be eliminated. In addition, under general anaesthesia, longer treatments of up to 7 hours can be carried out without any problems. Treatment by a dentist under general anaesthesia is a pain-free and anxiety-free option.

Dental treatment in twilight sleep – a good alternative to general anaesthesia

A general anaesthetic is out of the question for health reasons or is it generally rejected by you? Dental treatment in twilight sleep can be the optimal solution in these cases. The advantage is that the dosage can be varied, for example to achieve a slight state of calm or a deep twilight sleep. They are responsive throughout the treatment and do not need to be ventilated. In an initial conversation in our practice in Munich, we can explain the various treatment methods to you in detail.

Dental treatment general anaesthesia costs – how much does a dental treatment under general anaesthesia cost?

As a rule, the costs for dental treatment under general anaesthesia or in twilight sleep have to be paid by the patient himself. In some cases, however, the costs are also covered by the health insurance. We will inform you about the costs that will be incurred and discuss the risks of dental treatment with general anaesthesia with you. Dentist at the Olympic Park in Munich – fully digitalized, allergen-free and pain-free

Modern dental prosthetics meet not only functional but also aesthetic requirements. In addition, practical criteria such as the handling and cleaning of the prosthesis or possible expandability play an equally important role. The decisive factor here is always the individual findings.

Dentures – various materials & methods

Meanwhile, there is a large selection of materials, measures and methods available to meet the individual needs and wishes of each patient. One of the classic restorations is a fixed denture as a bridge, crown or partial crown. If several teeth are missing, removable dentures in the form of partial dentures or a combination of removable and fixed solutions are often used. A total denture or full denture, on the other hand, is the ideal solution when the patient’s own natural teeth are no longer present. Nowadays, however, implants also offer the possibility of treating gaps or entire jaws with teeth using the most modern techniques.e

Modern high-tech processes open up a broad spectrum of possibilities for manufacturing metal-free dental prostheses. Materials such as zirconium oxide or ceramics guarantee outstanding body compatibility and perfect aesthetics at the same time. We ensure this in our own laboratory in Karlstein. Another advantage of the technology we use in our practice for our patients is that we take quick and easier impressions of their teeth using new methods. It is an enormous relief, especially for people with gag reflexes.

Whether removable or fixed dentures or dentures for special needs, the individual result is crucial to achieve the best result. We advise you in detail and trustingly regarding compatibility, durability, chewing efficiency, handling and aesthetics.

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