Two Great Motorcycle Adventures

The Long Way Round

Equipped with three BMW R1150GS Journey bikes, cams, bike interactions tools and also a bag loaded with a feeling of daring and also spirit, world-renowned Scottish star Ewan McGregor as well as his friend and also fellow actor/ adventurer, Englishman Charley Boorman, set out for the trip of a lifetime.

Accompanied by cameraman Claudio von Plata, the duo left London on April 14, 2004 and also took a trip eastwards on their motorbikes up until they reached their destination: New York City. Altogether, their group rode for greater than 3 months, covered 19,000 miles as well as rode through the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, USA, Canada and New York. The journey, McGregor explained, was substantiated of their “wish to ride motorcycle trip for a very long time”.

Regarding be anticipated, the modern-day adventurers’ trip was neither a simple nor an uneventful one. In Kazakhstan for example, the regional police insisted on escorting the group whenever they went.

The citizens (with the help of the polices), mindful not just of McGregor’s appeal yet additionally of the importance of what the duo was attempting to do, maintained welcoming them to celebrations (invites which they could not potentially decline).

Throughout their trip, they were likewise held at gunpoint twice. One was by regional authorities at the Ukrainian boundary that, because they rode ahead of the regional TELEVISION people recording them, did not identified the pair and also the other by a lone shooter in Kazakhstan, that apparently did it as a joke as he left the frightened travelers chuckling.

In Mongolia, they ate a dish of lamb testicle soup, a native delicacy.

Small accidents like getting icy-cold water into their engines, equipments breaking down, having gasoline splashed right into their eyes, obtaining rear-ended also maintained taking place while the two finished their trip.

Even with these accidents though, the two take a look at the 107 days they invested in the road with nothing but desire as well as joy. Not just were they able to see and experience firsthand the generosity of the people of the nations they went to, the experiences they shared during the journey additionally changed them from “pals, to siblings”.

Motorbike Diaries

While the McGregor’s and Boorman’s trip can most definitely be described as absolutely daring and also quite groundbreaking, it was not nonetheless, the initial of its kind. Over half a century prior to the Scot and the Englishman traveled around the world, two boys from Argentina, has currently started a comparable bike experience.

In 1951, Alberto Granado as well as Ernesto Guevara, the future Che Guevara, traveled the size of South America starting from their home town of Alta Gracia.

Unlike their contemporary counterparts that took a trip with GENERAL PRACTITIONER gadgets, powerful bikes and motorbike intercoms, the young Argentinians only had themselves and their review 1939 Norton 500 cc (which they called the “Mighty One, the Second”), to depend upon.

Despite needing to share one old bike (which was not truly in its finest condition), the duo was able to travel to 24 various areas in 5 various nations.

While McGregor as well as Boorman’s trip opened their eyes to the kindness and also kindness of the people of the areas they went to, Guevara and also Granado saw the poverty as well as inequality that pestered the countries of South America.

This trip and also the dire conditions he experienced assisted form the political sights as well as stance Guevara would certainly later on attempt to spread out in South America as Che.

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