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This site was designed by its teams to offer you a decompression airlock to help you, in a world that is accelerating, to think better, eat better, and consume differently… in short to live better by adding life to our years:)

We have a major ambition, to inspire you and to think differently about your lives by challenging and providing perspectives on many of the beliefs that have shaped us.

This daily challenge, both in our personal and professional lives, should help us to build new interpersonal relationships based on healthy principles such as self-confidence, altruism or proactivity.

Indeed, we at Wardshuset have the intimate conviction that any major change in this world cannot happen without first of all an awareness that starts from within each of us.

This is why we give you weekly keys to understanding to serve this objective, through documented articles, inspiring meetings, sharing experiences or cultural elements that help us progress.

My Partner

Hi, I’m Amy, I’m Canadian-Tunisian and my greatest passion in life is fitness.

In what follows, I will tell you a little bit about myself and what led me to do what I do.

Like many little girls, I started dancing and many other sports activities very early on. Physical activity marked my childhood and adolescence, so by the age of 11 I was already part of a professional modern dance troupe. Until the age of 18, nothing in the world was more important than the hours spent rehearsing these choreographies and training my body to be stronger, more flexible and more efficient.

Then real life catches up with us, the time had come to study considered more “serious”. After studying business and management at prestigious business schools, and 15 years of a career as a senior executive in multinationals located in different countries, I realized that I was not happy. Despite the travels, challenges and professional successes, I did not feel in harmony with myself. I would get up every morning to go to work with the unpleasant feeling that I was not in my place, that what I was doing didn’t fit me.

In addition, having 12 or 14 hours of work days, I ate daily in a restaurant, caught in a whirlwind that never took the time for myself and my body. Certainly I tried to compensate, to be careful with my figure, by following very strict diets harmful to the physical and psychic. But they were not sustainable solutions either, because I was not listening to my body at all. I was in a “calorie” perspective, not really paying attention to the quality of the food I was eating and my overall lifestyle. Then, following a major upheaval more than 7 years ago, I decided to refocus on myself. I gradually resumed physical activity, more and more seriously until I came to teach classes in the evening, after my regular work days.

I was finally beginning to regain a certain balance and reconnect with my deep identity. One thing leading to another, certain life events and encounters have encouraged me to get more seriously involved in fitness and to consider a real career change. The birth of my son was certainly a major trigger. I wanted to be able to enjoy life, the TRUE. I dreamed of having a professional life in harmony with my person and in the service of my private life and not the other way around. So I took the plunge a few years ago. I took my courage in both hands, put my fears and anxieties aside and embarked on this crazy project to make my passion my professional career. I have taken up studies followed various internationally recognized fitness certifications, to be a professional in physical training and nutrition.

Today, I help men and women every day to transform their lives positively, both physically and mentally. I coach my clients in fitness but also in nutrition and stress management. In short, I make my customers happier and I am a happy person.

I have thus created this space to help those who wish to improve their quality of life and health. As an invitation to dive into my world in order to take control of your life.

Why? Why? Simply because our relationship to our body and food speaks volumes about our relationship with ourselves and the life choices we make in all spheres of our lives.

My approach to training and fitness is holistic. In other words, it takes into account its physical, mental, emotional, family, social, cultural and spiritual dimensions.

My programs are simple, realistic, achievable and adaptable so that you can integrate them into your routine and maintain them over the long term. Because remember that all you need is a hint of will, a hint of daily changes, and a good dose of persistence!

Whether you are looking for a personal trainer, a program or simply information and advice about fitness and nutrition, this space is for you!

Take care of yourself and your mind and give your life a new lease of life!

Have a good reading….

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